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The Reprise Eyewear Collection:


Reprise Eyewear is a collection of Iconic and rare eyewear designs, mainly from the 50´s, 60´s, 70´s and 80´s.

The range spans widely, and will take you from the jewelry-like Turanettes of the 50´s, to the bejewelled and enamelled Dior´s of the early 60´s, then  into Phillipe Chevallier´s romance with plastics in the later 60´s, the funky Emanuelle Kahn of the 80´s, and rounds off  with a quite extensive collection of JPG´  as well as the impeccable, gold plated Boucheron´s from the 90´s. And everyone in between, who contributed with beautiful designs or materials innovative for their time.

The full collection also contain a smaller, well curated assembly of antiques, a few contemporaries and a collection of John Barr one off proto-types.


How it works:


The Collection hosts more than 3500 frames.

On this website we show them as is, photographed top shot in their drawers, for your convenience and easy pre-view.

If you click on the dots below the photo af the drawer, you will find individual shots of each frame.

Below the photos, you will find description of the frames, and the prices for the individual frames. For multi-frame purchases, we are of course happy to discuss a favorable discount.

The Collection totals 16 Cabinets, numbered from 1-16.

In each Cabinet there is between 10 and 16 Drawers, numbered 1,2,3,4...

Each Drawer has up to 15 slots. Please refer to the way on numbering each sloth, from the photo above.

When you see one or more frames you would like to inquire about, please note down the Cabinet no, the Drawer no and the slot no. Then send us a message, and we will be happy to discuss the state of each frame and how to get them to you.


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