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Cabinet 1, Drawer 4
  • Cabinet 1, Drawer 4

    TURA´s from the 50´s. All Tura aluminums - mainly small cat eyes with jewelry pieces added. The TURA alimuniums were built over very few and similar fronts, and depending on when in the 50´s, TURA had different temple generations.Tura´s from this time are all about Jewlry work. The desig were created in various jewlry workshops in the New York area.There are spectacular rareties in this tray, with above average examples of TURA work.

    Slot 1 - Cat eye front with fancy metal and stone decor on end-piece bridge and temples. Condition fair - stones missing. US$ 200.

    Slot 2 - As above in perfect shiny silver colour. Stones and metal work are perfect. Seems to have prescription. Mint. US$ 300.

    Slot 3 - As above. Shiny brown finish. Good condition. US$ 200.

    Slot 4 - Aluminum masterpiece. NOS One of the very best examples of Tura's aluminum with metal and stone appliques - colour and finish great PLUS includes a matching exquisite ring and ladybug brooch. Mint. US$ 1000.

    Slot 5 - Early version with bayonet and green colour lens. VG but temples loose. US$ 200.

    Slot 6 - as above but pink colour. Condition fair only. US$ 200.

    Slot 7 - Splendid - green finish with perfect decors and dark green sun lens. Mint. US$ 300.

    Slot 8 - Museum Piece - NOS - a forerunner to the Turanette. Very large jewelry piece coming off the left temple. Mint. US$ 750.

    Slot 9 - NOS - satin brown finish with 2 tone gold feathers over eyes. Mint. US$ 350.

    Slot 10 - NOS - as above but shiny brown and feathers are growing up the sides. Mint. US$ 350.

    Slot 11 - Aluminum with silver finish and green tinted prescription sun lens. Fair condition. US$ 150.

    Slot 12 - As 1-4-8 but frame is satin pink and matching stones. Mint. US$ 750.

    Slot 13 - Similar to above frame. Satin rose with pearls on front and very large jeweled decoration coming off the left temple. Mint. US$ 750.

    Slot 14 - Men's version of the small aluminum. Rich dark blue with understated Art Deco trims on end-pieces and temples. Mint. US$ 200.

    Slot 15 - As above but rich brown satin finish and gold trim. Mint. US$ 200.



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