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Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
  • Cabinet 1, Drawer 2

    Tura - more 60's jewelry frames.

    Slot 1 - Christian Dior - unusual GF and red enamelled braided wire. Has prescription. Rare. Has the usual temple tip issues. Sold.

    Slot 2 - Tura USA NOS - some of the most beautiful metal work in the history of eyewear. Sold.

    Slot 3 - Christian Dior with demo lens. Beautiful engraving. Front is perfect and temples need live as usual. Sold.

    Slot 4 - Tura USA NOS - GF - Identical to the Dior above in every way but stamped Tura only. This is a smaller eye size. Mint. Sold.

    Slot 5 - Tura USA NOS - same family as above but with an oval shape. Mint. Sold.

    Slot 6 - Christian Dior - GF with white enamel. Front is perfect. Temples need love. Sold.

    Slot 7 - Tura - USA NOS - with demo lens. Amazing engraving like 10202 but different colours. Perfect. Sold.

    Slot 8 - Tura - USA NOS with demo lens. Engraved oval with green colour overlay. Sold.

    Slot 9 - Tura USA NOS with demo lens. As above with without colour overlay. Sold.

    Slot 10 - Christian Dior - NOS but temples need love. Christian Dior is engraved on the back of the front but the temples are stamped Tura. Unusual to see both together. Sold.

    Slot 11 - Tura USA NOS with demo lens. White gold oval with metal engraving. Mint. Sold.

    Slot 12 - Tura USA NOS with demo lens - Silver oval with turquoise and coral enamelled pattern. Exceptional. Mint. Sold.

    Slot 13 - Tura USA NOS with demo lens - pale blue teardrops in silver open weave oval metal. Exquisite. Mint. Sold.

    Slot 14 - As above but lens has lighter tint. Sold.

    Slot 15 - Tura USA NOS with demo lens - oval with engraving and black and white enamel infill. Beautiful. Sold.


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