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Cabinet 1, Drawer 7
  • Cabinet 1, Drawer 7

    Tura aluminum cat eyes plus a few non-Tura.

    The TURA alimuniums were built over very few and similar fronts, and depending on when in the 50´s, TURA had different temple generations.

    Tura´s from this time are all about Jewlry work. The designs were created in various jewlry workshops in the New York area.

    Slot 1 - Shiny silver with stones on front and temples. Very good condition. Has lens. US$ 200.

    Slot 2 - Satin silver. Pearl decor on one end-piece and temple. Showing wear. US$ 150.
    Slot 3 - Satin pale blue with hand painted blue flowers on enamel trims on the end-pieces and light engraving. Green sun lens. Very good. Rare. US$ 400.

    Slot 4 - Shiny dark silver with 2-tone silver feathers growing up sides of front. Yellow tip covers. Mint. US$ 250.

    Slot 5 - Shiny light silver - NOS with demo lens. With unusual decor growing up the sides. Mint. US$ 250.

    Slot 6 - Not Tura but likely the same factory. Satin gold with light green sun lens - flowers and pearls on front and temples. Exceptional. US$ 250.

    Slot 7 - NOS - Pale shiny pink with beautiful metal flowers with pearl centres and leaves on end-pieces. Mint. US$ 250.

    Slot 8 - Shiny medium brown with light engraving and stones. NOS with demo lens. Mint. US$ 250.

    Slot 9 - One of our favourites in all respects - Antique copper with a tiny ballerina with a diamond head on the right end-piece. More diamonds on the right temple. Mint. US$ 400.

    Slot 10 - Styl-Rite USA - Beautiful 2 tone satin and shiny gold with leaves engraved on satin top and temples. Gorgeous. Mint. US$ 200.

    Slot 11 - Shiny medium brown. Mens frame with nice decor on temples extending to the front when opened. Mint. US$ 200.

    Slot 12 - Semi-matte burgundy with beautiful decor on front; also arising behind front and on temples. Fair condition. US$ 150.

    Slot 13 - Semi-matte burgundy with gold decor on top of eye and down temples. Condition good. US$ 200.

    Slot 14 - Black with gold leaf and pearl decor on end-pieces and temples. Has lens. Very good. US$ 250.

    Slot 15 - Semi-matte brown with gold trim on top of eyes and temples. Has lens Very good. US$ 150.


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