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Cabinet 6, Drawer 15
  • Cabinet 6, Drawer 15

    The John Barr Cabinet.

    For many years John has supplied us with prototypes we requested; like the reproductions from the Udo Proksch designs; as well as his own designs and ideas in prototype form. Sometimes they are basic and sometimes they are way out. Like the famous Pierre Marly, who made mainly One Of A Kind frames for discerning clients, John is also a master designer and craftsman, whose work we believe will be of great value in the future.

    Drawer 15 are all John Barr one of a kind prototypes and would not be here if they had ever been used in any commercial collection. This is mostly work on designs with thin eyeshapes. They can all can go straight into an eyewear company's collection.

    US$ 250 EACH.

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