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Cabinet 16, Drawer 18
  • Cabinet 16, Drawer 18

    In the making of the book Udotopia, we used the personal and professional archive of Udo Proksch extensively. In the archive are 6,000 eyewear design drawings and around 1,000 prototypes. There was much among the drawings that had never been produced or even prototyped as far as can tell.


    Some of the designs were so compelling and irresistible that we used John Barr's unequalled craftsmanship to hand make some of them; some of which were eventually used in the Udotopia book.


    In the end we have decided to make them available too...


    Slot 2 + 3 - hand made reproductions of an iconic design from Philippe Chevallier. Also by John Barr, these were made as an exercise to update the original design and make it a better fit for the 21st century. - US$ 500 EACH.


    Slot 4 - An Udo Proksch design for Serge Kirchhofer made by John Barr  - US $600


    Slot 5 - as above in a different colour. - US$ 600


    Slot 6 - An outrageous women's combination sunglass, with combination front and combination temples too. - US$ 700


    Slot 7 - In addition to the design there is actually a prototype front in the archive but without temples. John Barr made an entirely complete hand made frame that is right up there with the most beautiful pieces we have ever seen. US$ 1000


    Slot 8 - A variation off the beautiful jewelled piece seen in 15-9-9 - These are Udo's finest. US$ 1000.

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