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Cabinet 15, Drawer 5
  • Cabinet 15, Drawer 5

    John Barr design prototypes - continuing the experiments on what is possible with acrylics.

    Slot 1 - Crystal front and temples with back engraving. US$ 400.

    Slot 2 - Acrylic front with flowers engraved in back with acetate temples. US$ 300.

    Slot 3 - Another experiment in dimensions and material appliques. Magnetic flower on temple. US$ 400.

    Slot 4 - Carven - France NOS - Acetate handmade with back engraving and gold temple wires. US$ 300.

    Slot 5 - large acrylic crystal faceted sunglass with amazing cuts and laminations. US$ 400.

    Slot 6 - Acrylic sun - white front with crystal lamination on top and brushed crystal temple. US$ 400.

    Slot 7 - A play with colour and light and refraction - impossible with any other material. US$ 400.

    Slot 8 - Crystal tint back engraved and then laminated on back with darker material. Have never seen a more beautiful acrylic front. US$ 500.

    Slot 9 - A collections of acrylic parts and pieces  and engraving samples. Of interest to an eyewear company or developer. 

    Slot 10 - Lamination with real flower petals in the entire front. INsanely beautiful with laminated pink and crystal temples. US$ 400.

    Slot 11 - Lollipops - acetate frame with engraving tests. Design ref. US$ 100.

    Slot 12 - Ete Lunettes - Italy NOS - Acetate frame with feathers laminated in front and temples. US$ 200.

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