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Cabinet 15, Drawer 1
  • Cabinet 15, Drawer 1

    John Barr - Acrylic / Plexiglas / Lucite / Perspex experimental designs. A word about this material - they have many trade names for the material over the years but they are all acrylic. So is Optyl - in Cabinet 13 - Drawer 1 there are many examples of acrylic frames made in the 70's and 80's - among their benefits was the fact that they are 40% lighter than acetate and had unique optical clarity in the materials that allowed for things like back engraving that was magnified when seen from the front and also incredible vibrancy of colour when dyed. One downside for some was that the material had to be heated carefully when adjusting or it could snap; again like Optyl. This is why we sometimes see in the 70's and 80's frames that they had acrylic fronts with acetate temples that could take a wire core and adjust normally. Real acrylic frames do not have wire cores in temples. One of the best characteristics of acrylic is perfect memory. Often acetate frames lose their memory and open up or warp. This never happens with acrylic, which allows for some of the amazing experiments of John Barr with wrapped end-pieces and four hinge frames.

    If you are having your prescription put in one of these frames it is not a problem, as long as you give it to an optician who can work with acrylics or Optyl. YouTube has plenty of instructional videos if needed.

    Slot 1 - Large double bridge round eye sun with incredible wrapped and open end-piece with bayonet temples. US$ 400.

    Slot 2 - Acrylic - feminine matte crystal sunglass with beautiful patterned temple material. Temple material is also laminated to back of end-pieces, creating a nice magnified effect from the front. US$ 300.

    Slot 3- Like Slot 1 but rectangular shape and shiny finish. Light mirror lenses. US$ 400.

    Slot 4 - White matte rectangle sun with embossing and light mirrror. US$ 400.

    Slot 5 - Similar shape and profile to Slot 1 but with beautiful patterned purple temples.  US$ 400.

    Slot 6 - Rectangular frame with 2 tone finish and embossing on front. Beautiful. US$ 400.

    Slot 7 - like Slot 4 but matte black and different embossed pattern. US$ 400.

    Slot 8 - identical to 15-1-3 but matte finish and darker lenses. US$ 400.

    Slot 9 - Shiny round crystal sunglass with gorgeous patterned material on temple and laminated on back of end-pieces. US$ 300.

    Slot 10 - As Slot 6 but matte finish. US$ 400.

    Slot 11 - Identical model to Slot 8 but matte white front with embossed matte black temple. US$ 400.

    Slot 12 - oversized sun - crystal temples and tip laminated to a dark shiny green front - exceptional work. US$ 300.

    Slot 13 - As Slot 7 but shiny finish. US$ 400.

    Slot 14 - As Slot 15 but black shiny front and matte black embossed temple. US$ 400.



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