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Cabinet 13, Drawer 9
  • Cabinet 13, Drawer 9

    Some of the largest pieces of Philippe Chevallier plus a few others

    Slot 2 - Uvex - France - not Chevallier but really wants to be. US$ 400.

    Slot 3 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with tags - a very large and wide iconic four hinge frame with cutout temples and light tint lens. US$ 1000.

    Slot 4 - Philippe Chevallier - France - large round hand made sun in a wonderful multi pink and blue material.Sold.

    Slot 5 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tag - Lanvin - one of the best of the Lanvin creations, with 4 hinge temples. Mint. US$ 2000.

    Slot 6 - KONO - France - Mod Lollipop - must be seen to be believed - This sunglass is HUGE. A gorgeous lamination in perfect condition, with eyes so big the glass lenses could not fill them and they were strategically positioned and well centred. This was made for Hollywood or a museum. US$ 1000.

    Slot 7 - Bernard Kayman USA - nice sunglass trying to be Chevallier. US$ 300.

    Slot 8 - Philippe Chevallier - France - mainly tinted crystal material with bayonet temples. No lenses. Mint. US$ 1000.

    Slot 9 - Philippe Chevallier - France - Huge oversized mens sun with super complex temples. Lenses are worn but the frame is good and needs to be in any PC collection. Sold.

    Slot 10 - France unbranded - a wonderful handmade mirrored sunglass in blonde tortoise. US$ 300.


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