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Cabinet 13, Drawer 8
  • Cabinet 13, Drawer 8

    All Philippe Chevallier sunglasses in top condition.

    Slot 1 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tags - 4 hinge iconic sunglasses in green tortoise. US$ 1000.

    Slot 2 - Philippe Chevallier - France - amazing ladies hand made sun. Sold. US$ 800.

    Slot 3 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tag - iconic hand made ladies sun in eccentric shape. If they had made fashion sunglasses during the Art Nouveau period, this might have been it! US$ 800.

    Slot 4 - Philippe Chevallier - a crazy sunglass that needs love. The lenses were originally glued in by Philippe and the glue ran. US$ 500.

    Slot 5 - Philippe Chevallier et C. Unglik - France - Made for Camille Unglik's Paris runway show, this sunglass was so far ahead of the industry that it often is not understood. These frames were made by hand and even the lenses were made by hand because nothing like this had ever existed. As a result it is rare to find one of these with the lenses perfect. This frame is perfect but one of the lenses is cracked. US$ 2,500.

    Slot 6 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tag - Franck Olivier - another of the iconic aviators in a darker tortoise colour. US$ 1000.

    Slot 7 - Philippe Chevallier - France - Franck Olivier - hand made mens sun - This beautiful frame is perfect but there is a small crack in one lens. US$ 800.

    Slot 8 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS - Lanvin - La Balene - one of the most valuable and sought after sunglasses that Chevallier made for Lanvin. This is a very beautiful piece, not the least of which is the iconic whale shaped temple. US$ 10,000.

    Slot 9 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tag - nice eccentric ladies aviator. US$ 750.

    Slot 10 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS - Mod Marlene Col. Acajou - One of his best. US$ 800.

    Slot 11 - Philippe Chevallier - France - hand made eccentric square shape with strange blue lens. US$ 800.

    Slot 12 - Philippe Chevallier - France - Mod Bidule - Perfect piece - Mint. Sold.

    Slot 13 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tag - beautiful caramel coloured tortoise. One of his best. US$ 1000.

    Slot 14 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS with original tag - Lanvin - a piece of history. Lanvin never allowed Philippe to put his name on the frames but instead the tags are Lanvin dist par Philippe Chevallier. US$ 2,500.

    Slot 15 - Philippe Chevallier - France NOS - The iconic Lanvin square sun. Sold.



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