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Cabinet 13, Drawer 1
  • Cabinet 13, Drawer 1

    A mix of 60's to 80's, mostly French and mostly Lucite engraved frames.

    For these rare craftsmen who know how to work with it there the material known in different sectors as Lucite, Perspex or Plexiglas is one of the most interesting for eyewear. It weighs nearly half of the weight of acetate, has almost perfect memory and the material itself has crystal clear optical qualities, to the point where something added to the back will be magnified and shown larger and very clearly in the front.

    Slot 1 - Neostyle - Germany - 80's lace and acetate laminated front and end-piece with metal temple. Very nice. US$ 250.

    Slot 2 - Revue - France. Revue was a US company that imported quite special eyewear in the 80's. A great example is this Lucite front with back engraved flowers and colour added, with acetate temple. US$ 400.

    Slot 3 - France unbranded - Lucite front with acetate temple. Beautiful back engraved flowers. US$ 300.

    Slot 4 - Renauld - France - Even Renauld got in on this action. Here we have a full lucite engraved front and temple. US$ 400.

    Slot 5 - France unbranded - laminated front with hand painted flowers. US$ 300.

    Slot 6 - Varie - France - Lucite front with engraved flowers and acetate temple. US$ 300.

    Slot 7 - Emmanuelle Khanh - France - Interesting lamination with back engraving but it may be acetate instead of lucite. Very nice oversized sun. US$ 300.

    Slot 8 - Germany unbranded - engraved lucite frame - very nice optical. US$ 300.

    Slot 9 - Revue - France - Lucite engraved front with acetate temples. Very good condition. US$ 400.

    Slot 10 - Renauld France - Incredible work here. Lucite front with blackback painting, then engraved and coloured from back of front and inside the temple. The colours come alive! It is a master piece and one of the best examples of the art. US$ 500.

    Slot 11 - France unbranded - Incredible quality lucite front and temples with very beautiful engraving and colouring. US$ 500.

    Slot 12 - Emmanuelle Khanh - France - Sunglass with engraved lucite front and temples. US$ 300.

    Slot 13 - France unbranded - the lucite temples are damaged but the lucite front is very beautifully back engraved with flowers and leaves and then coloured with six different colours. A true beauty.

    Slot 14 - Madame Landry - France - a nice understated engraved lucite front with acetate temple. Mint. US$ 300.

    Slot 15 - Madame Landry - France - unusual - lucite front that is engraved both front and back. Mint. US$ 300.

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