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Cabinet 11, Drawer 4
  • Cabinet 11, Drawer 4

    Mix of USA brands and production.

    Slot 1 - Very strange clip-on reader with prescription. Story unknown. US$ 150.

    Slot 2 - Gaspari - "Metalite" engraved aluminum - unusual. US$ 150.

    Slot 3 - Gaspari - also Metalite. Previously owned but very interesting. US$ 100.

    Slot 4 - American Optical - nice mens sunglass. US$ 200.

    Slot 5 - Lumar USA - sunglass with silk lamination. US$ 300.

    Slot 6 - Creative Eyewear - A beautiful metal half-eye with very nice engraving. Mint. US$ 200.

    Slot 7 - Bernard Kayman - handmade acetate hexagonal sunglass - Kayman worked from the Miami area and produced nice hand made sunglasses for better retailers and department stores. We have newspaper write ups from 1970 but little else is known. US$ 200.

    Slot 8 - Bernard Kayman - hand made optical with prescription. US$ 200.

    Slot 9 - Bernard Kayman - nice sunglass in beautiful block material. Perfect condition. US$ 200.

    Slot 10 - A. Sutain - Nice acetate hexagonal sunglass. In our opinion A. Sutain should be the most famous sunglass makers in the 60's and 70's but little is known. They came from the New York area and supplied sunglasses to better department stores. Great quality and innovation. US$ 300.

    Slot 11 - A. Sutain - Great mens sunglass. Design model as there are scratches on the front and lenses. Fantastic shape and great colour in groove and should not be missed by developers. US$ 200.

    Slot 12 - A. Sutain - hand made oval sunglass. US$ 100. 

    Slot 13 - Either tortoise or nitrate steampunk with side shields in same material. The frame is broken and this is design reference only. ---

    Slot 14 - A. Sutain - genuine bamboo sunglass. A must for a serious collector. SOLD.

    Slot 15 - Renauld USA - special acetate and aluminum combination. US$ 200.

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