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Cabinet 11, Drawer 2
  • Cabinet 11, Drawer 2

    A collection of all US made NOS Gaspari eyewear from the 50's and 60's. Not enough is known about Gaspari. We can see that he was Italian born from some early patent applications. In the early 50's they produced a lot of the same rococo over the top small ladies GF frames that a number of companies were making. However, from the later 50's and into the 60's there was a remarkable change in what came from Gaspari and these are rarely seen. They specialized in aluminum and gold fill and they were virtually unparalleled in quality and complexity for that era.

    Slot 1 to Slot 5 - A series of aluminum sunglasses in various colours, including three red, white, and blue. Rarely seen. NOS and in original packaging. US$ 250 EACH.

    Slot 6 - Beautiful gold fill sunglass. NOS. US$ 250.

    Slot 7 - Aluminum mens sunglass NOS. US$ 300.

    Slot 8 - Aluminum mens sunglass NOS. SOLD.

    Slot 9 - GF - white gold NOS with original package. US$ 250.

    Slot 10 - GF as above but with coloured epoxy on the end-piece trim. US$ 250.

    Slot 11 - GF. US$ 200.

    Slot 12 - Gold Filled with stones on the end-pieces, A masterpiece. US$ 300.

    Slot 13 - GF - White gold oversized mens sunglasses. Truly beautiful. US$ 200.

    Slot 14 - GF - two pieces - one in gold and one in white gold. US$ 200 EACH.

    Slot 15 - Aluminum with nice brushed metalwork on front. US$ 200.

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