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Cabinet 10, Drawer 6
  • Cabinet 10, Drawer 6

    The John Barr Collection.

    For many years John has supplied us with prototypes we requested; like the reproductions from the Udo Proksch designs; as well as his own designs and ideas in prototype form. Sometimes they are basic and sometimes they are way out. Like the famous Pierre Marly, who made mainly One Of A Kind frames for discerning clients, John is also a master designer and craftsman, whose work we believe will be of great value in the future.

    All John Barr - experimental sunglass design prototypes with interesting laminations, delaminations, inlays and cutaways. They are one of a kind prototypes and would not be here if they had ever been used in any commercial collection.

    Slot-2 - 2 tone blue sun. Nice overlay on top and temple. US$ 500.

    Slot 3 - Amazing inlay work with gold mirror lenses. US$ 600.
    Slot 4 - Very advanced sun with two acetate eyes laminated to top bar and temples in different colour. US$ 600.

    Slot 5 - As above but with more extreme design. Nice gold mirror. US$ 600.
    Slot 6 - Wild quadruple laminated sun. SOLD.

    Slot 7 - Lamination and inlay experiment - each piece is individually inlaid - blue mirrors. US$ 600.

    Slot 8 - Crystal sunglass with coloured pieces inlaid on the end-pieces. US$ 600.

    Slot 9 - As above with different shape and colour. US$ 600.

    Slot 10 - As above with different shape and colour. US$ 600.

    Slot 12 & 13 - Lamination variations. US$ 500 EACH.

    Slot 14 - Another piece similar to 10-6-8 but much more extreme. US$ 600.

    Slot 15 - Incredible work with inlay decoration on the end-pieces and temples, with matching mirror lenses. US$ 600.

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