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Cabinet 14, Drawer 8
  • Cabinet 14, Drawer 8

     All antiques - Never sought them out but sometimes they found us anyway.

    Slot 1 -

    A- a small rectangle metal frame in case - Likely USA. 

    B - Lorgnette with folding eyes in gold pearl encrusted handle.

    C - Lorgnette - ornate handle with with only one eye intact.

    Slot 2 -

    A. Folding front with short temples with pads that attach to the head.

    B. Prinz Nez - Nice.

    C. - Prinz Nez - Broken.

    Slot 3 -

    A. Lorgnette - Antique Chinese ornate blond tortoiseshell with silk tassels. Beautiful.

    B. Lorgnette - Metal front  with dark tortoise holder/case.

    Slot 4 -

    A - Dixey - Optician to the King - 5 New Bond Street - a very beautiful four lens frame and cable temple in original case. Sold.

    B - G.C.Bateman - gold front with chain coming off attached to a cable end-piece. Sold.

    C. Wagner - Cincinnati Ohio - Metal frame with folding temple in original case

    Slot 5 - a mix of incredible antique eyewear innovations - 

    A + B - two pieces by Desire F. Pailly A La Doye - Morez Du Jura - very complited patented inventions 

    C. M.O.T. - Patented sun visor that must be seen - maybe for telegraph operators - Very special - in original box.

    Slot 6 - a variety of prinz nez and lorgnettes - one in turtle shell.

    Slot 7 - Ivory and Gold folding sunglass. SOLD

    Slot 8 - Silver round optical frame.

    Slot 9 - Silver round optical frame.

    Slot 10 - Two beautiful octagonal optical frames in great condition.

    Slot 14-8-11 - 2 gold rimless frames - very nice.

    Slot 12 - Two antique optical frames - one round with cable temple and one very ornate octagonal. The Octagonal is now Sold.



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